Paroisse St. Isidore Parish, Plamondon  &  St Thérèse Parish, Breynat

Our Parish Mission Statement

“To worship in word and sacrament, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and to serve those in need, in order to advance God’s Kingdom on earth”.


Regular Celebration of Sunday Mass in Breynat – 4:00PM

Regular Celebration of Sunday Masses in Plamondon – Sunday 11:00AM;

Regular week day schedule in Plamondon – Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, Rosary 8:40AM, Mass 9:00AM.

*Exception in Plamondon – The first Friday of the month, adoration and mass are held at 7PM

Knights of Columbus and CWL Community Garage Saleclick here for more information

Effective June 5, 2022 – Restoration of the Sunday obligation for Catholics

Bishop Paul letter dated May 1, 2022 click here

“Now public pandemic restrictions have been lifted for public gatherings, including public worship.  Therefore, to return to the normal Catholic pastoral care of your lives of faith, hope and charity and with gratitude for the decrease of danger to public health caused by COVID-19, I hereby restore the Sunday obligation for Catholics starting on Sunday, June 5, 2022, the Solemnity of Pentecost.  As has always been the case, anyone with a “serious reason” or a “grave cause” is excused from this obligation.”

Current Highlights – Parish & Events

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Activities – Kindergarten to Grade 8. 

This is only the beginning, come and see all the reflections & prayers, spiritual activities, games & quizzes, videos & songs (and more!) available to you! 5000+ resources. 

This is sponsored by your parish for your children, CLICK HERE  for more information. 


Inspire your young Catholic Children on the Road to Heaven, by reading Books/Magazines/ Newletters “See attached” …

or “go directly to the book store”. 


Articles and U tube commentaries

Our Misunderstanding about suicide.

Teachings on Jesus Real Presence in the Eucharist – Utube Commentaries

Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist –   Karlo Broussard–  2 1/2 min.

Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist – Bishop Baron —-11 min

Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist- Bishop Baron 2020 Religious Education Congress  –1 hour 12 min

We are one body in Christ; from a sermon by Blessed Isaac of Stella, abbot

THE HOUR THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE by Father Mike Schmitz “Click here for the link”This video by Father Mike, explains with confidence, the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, please share this link with your friends. (Deacon Jerry)


The Book of Revelation (by John)  as explained by Bishop Barron – 5, 13 minutes u tube series     

Series 1. Rev 1,9-11a,12-13,17-19;   Series 2.  Rev 5,11-14;    Series 3.  Rev 7,9,14b-17;

Series 4.   Rev 21. 1-5;  Rev 21, 10-14, 22-23;   Series 5. Rev 21,10-14,22-23;

The making of a Catholic Priest…we all have our own storey to tell. 

New: Cannon Law made easy

The prophet of Jonah’s mission explained
Good Read: The toxic waste of Roe Vs Wade and Christianity & Socialism (moral allies or moral enemies) – Our ladies prophetic warning
“How to make a Good Confession” by Father John Capri
“How to lose your soul and save it” by Bishop Baron
Why remain Catholic by Bishop Barron
Passing on the Catholic faith to your children takes time. Your children have an almost forensic ability to detect insincerity.
Survey commissioned by Bishop David O’Connel of Trenton.
Additional commentary from Father Barron on leaving the Church.
Learn more about your unwanted behaviors “Pornography, Masturbation or Sex Addiction” – conquering these additions.Click here for details”
Did you know? Continue to pass on your faith.